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Please check here for homework activities for my English, Maths and class groups. 

These can be printed and handed in or edited and submitted online via the homework submission link.

Maths and English homework are handed out on Friday for Wednesday.

Below is a copy of the Year 5 & 6 spelling list which we will be working through this year- feel free to practise any words from this in addition to the weekly spelling list. I have also attached the Year 3 & 4 list for revision.

Please click here for my Spelling City page.

Addition Learn Its are also found below. It is essential that all children have a good grasp of these as well as their times tables.  Five minutes per day at home can make a big difference!


English Homework - 20.01.17

Please watch the following video from Grammarsaurus which explains a handy method for remembering the difference between active and passive voice.  Once you have watched the video, your TALK homework is to explain this to a member of your family.  

We will do a quiz to test your knowledge in our grammar lesson on Wednesday 25th January.

Grammarsaurus- Active and Passive Voice


English Homework - 23.11.16

Next Wednesday, Mrs McIntyre's English group will be performing the poem The Highway Man in class. As this is such a long poem, each pair has been given one verse to learn off by heart for homework as well as verse one which they will all perform. Below are pictures of the poem with each part labelled in case the children's copies have been misplaced.


Maths Homework - 04.11.16

Mrs McIntyre's S.A.F.E. maths group have some games to play this week for their homework to reinforce the work they have done in lessons. Please follow the links below.  

There are a variety of games: some that will work on all devices and others that require Flash.

Top Marks- Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Transum- Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Clarity Maths

History Homework - 21.10.16

Your homework over half term is linked to our Tudor topic and will help with our English work after the holiday. We would like you to use the internet links below or books to find out about Henry VIII and complete a short project. You can present this as an information text, a poster, a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation or something different! 

This project should be handed in or submitted online by Wednesday 2nd November but please make sure you have done some research by Monday as we will use what we know about Henry's life during English on Monday and Tuesday.


English Homework- 07.10.16

Your homework this week is to watch the following video and discuss the topic:

Should we wear uniforms for school?

This is Talk Homework (See below for Talk Homework Guidance) so please make sure you involve members of your family in this debate.  

We will feedback our ideas on this during our English lesson on Wednesday 12th October.

BBC Bitesize clip

English Homework- 23.09.16

Please click here to watch a video of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk then complete a story map in your English homework books. Deadline Wednesday  28th September.

Harvest Song- learn for 17.10.16