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Art Vision statement

At South Walney Junior School we have a clear, coherent vision for our art curriculum.

Art and design is concerned with the way we respond to, understand, interpret and shape our world through our senses and emotions.  Art allows pupils a ‘window to the world’. 

Taking part in art and design allows us to investigate what we see; to make visual responses; to interpret; to discriminate and reach decisions.  Art and design has its own language based upon the visual elements.

Our overarching aim for Art and Design at South Walney Junior School is to:

  • to develop and extend the pupils’ visual creativity, curiosity, enquiry and aesthetic and spiritual sensitivity to the natural and man- made world. 
  • to enable pupils to respond and enjoy expressing their ideas, feelings and imagination using visual media, practical making skills and the visual language of art
  • to develop an appreciation, critical awareness, knowledge and understanding of the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople from their own and other cultural heritages in order to broaden their horizons.  We want our children to ‘know more, remember more and do more’ within art and design.

We believe we have an inspirational, ambitious and coherently planned knowledge-rich art curriculum.   Our curriculum aims to be transformative, raising art and design aspirations to see beyond our locality as well as valuing the uniquely rich experience of living on Walney Island.  We are aware that some of our pupils have limited art and design experience and so are passionate about expanding their knowledge and understanding using art galleries, local artists and other visits and visitors.  We want to deliver a curriculum that will break the cycle of disadvantage that traps some of our pupils and art and design can help them overcome adversity. 

Our Art curriculum is underpinned by our core principles, using the mnemonic SAFE:

A Supportive school

helping children to Achieve

And Flourish

On a foundations of Excellence