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Curriculum vision  Maths

At South Walney Junior School we have a clear, coherent vision for our Maths curriculum.

Mathematics is a tool for everyday life.  It is a whole network of concepts and relationships that provide a way of viewing and making sense of the world.  It is used to analyse and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems.  It also provides the materials and means for creating new imaginative worlds to explore.

Our Maths curriculum (planned and delivered within the framework of the National curriculum and Big Maths) ensures every child has a solid foundation of Basic Skills that they then use and apply to wider mathematical concepts such as shape, measure, statistics and fractions. 

Our overarching aim for Maths at South Walney Junior School is to develop:

  • a positive attitude towards mathematics and an awareness of the fascination of mathematics
  • competence and confidence and fluency in mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills
  • an ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately
  • initiative and an ability to work both independently and in cooperation with others
  • an ability to communicate mathematics
  • an ability to use and apply mathematics across the curriculum and in real life
  • an understanding of mathematics through a process of enquiry and experiment.

We believe we have an inspirational, ambitious and coherently planned knowledge-rich mathematics curriculum.   Our curriculum aims to be transformative and raise mathematical aspirations in order to give them the tools and skills to progress fluidly to the next stage of their learning and beyond.   We want to deliver a curriculum that will break the cycle of disadvantage that traps some of our pupils and a solid foundation in Maths will help them overcome adversity. 

Our Maths curriculum is underpinned by our core principles, using the mnemonic SAFE:

A Supportive school

helping children to Achieve

And Flourish

On a foundations of Excellence