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Curriculum vision  P.E

Physical education (P.E) plays an important part in providing a broad, balanced and rich curriculum to all children by encouraging pupils to adopt active and healthy lifestyles through engaging them in purposeful, high quality activities. Our curriculum is planned and designed to promote both physical and mental wellbeing in all pupils and instill lifelong skills and qualities which will help them to become well-rounded individuals.

As well as the health benefits of regular physical activity, we believe that our P.E curriculum will contribute to the cognitive development of many lifelong skills including; fair play, improve self-confidence and instil self-discipline.

Our high-quality P.E curriculum will encourage pupils to participate, succeed and excel in competitive sports. Our hope is that these early opportunities will inspire pupils to be more physically active and create pathways to more active lifestyles beyond school.

All pupils will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in a broad range of inclusive activities and sports.
  • Develop sporting skills in a progressive manner through non-competitive activities.
  • Work individually, in pairs or small groups to practice or apply skills.
  • Cultivate resilience and raise aspirations through the use of sporting opportunities.
  • Use taught vocabulary/terminology appropriately in explanations.
  • Use teacher and peer feedback to evaluate their own performances.
  • Utilise transferrable skills of teamwork, communication, turning taking and following rules.

We believe we have an inspirational, ambitious and coherently planned PE curriculum.   Our curriculum aims to be transformative, raising aspirations and helping our children become healthy members of society.  We are aware that some of our pupils have limited physical experiences, may struggle with their mental or physical health and so are passionate about expanding their horizons through our P.E lessons and through both competitive sport and sport for pleasure.   We want to deliver a curriculum that will break the cycle of disadvantage that traps some of our pupils and PE has a key part to play in this.

Our PE curriculum is underpinned by our core principles, using the mnemonic SAFE:

A Supportive school

helping children to Achieve

And Flourish

On a foundations of Excellence